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March 21, 2007

Interview at

"Mountain Green"

Steve Berry, Director of Marketing
Scottsdale, AZ


Part 1A. What is "Mountain Green" and how does it differ from everyday laudrry detergents that we find in the supermarket? How does it affect our environment? Tell us about the "high efficiency" of Mountain Green products. What is bleaching out my husbands shirts when I don't put in bleach? How does PH affect our laundry and our skin?
Part 1B.
Tell us about "optical brighteners." Does Mountain Green use optical brighteners? What is the scent used in Mountain Green? Tell us about "flexible packaging." How concentrated is Mountain Green and how many washes do you get per package? Is flexible packaging more expensive? What are the trends in the marketplace towards concentrated products and flexible packaging?
Part 1C.
Where are your products available? What do "dryer sheets" really do? Was your product line developed for people with "sensitive skin" and "fragrance sensitivities"? How do your products fit into a larger eco-lifestyle?

: Steve Berry, Director of Marketing, Green Mountain, Interviewed at Scottsdale, AZ
Link: www.mountaingreen.biz

Date & Length: March 21, 2007; Part 1A - 217 secs, Part 1B - 284 secs, Part 1C - 352 secs
Keywords: Mountain Green, laundry detergents, "high efficiency" detergents, optical brighteners, flexible packaging, concentrated products, dryer sheets, sensitive skin, fragrance sensitivity
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Steve Berry
Director of Marketing
Mountain Green
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