Welcome to Video - "Questions & Answers" section of the LOHAS Channel.

In this section we offer visitors a collection of short (two to five minutes) streaming videos on many different Lohas topics. When interviews or presentations run more than five minutes, we break the interview into smaller segments.

Our interviews profile the people, organizations and companies of today who are creating a new vision of the future based on healthy lifestyles, sustainable community development and “triple bottom line” business management.

We feel that the “big picture,” as well as the many individual stories of which it is composed, needs to be told now. Through our collection of interviews and presentations across diverse economic and social sectors, we hope to bring definition and clarity to the emerging visions of wellness and sustainable living and to show the powerful momentum that is building for fundamental positive changes in our personal lives, our communities and our global society.

We will also strive to interview key decision-makers from the worlds of government and education. We will work to identify and contact celebrities from entertainment, professional sports, and the media to articulate their personal wellness, environmental and sustainability perspective


The videos are arranged chronologically by month and grouped according to events or organizations. The videos are played in progressive download streaming video format using the "Flash" player. Once you make a video selection, please wait for the first video to download. It will begin playing as soon as it has buffered enough video. Play other "chapters" by clicking on each chapter in the lower left of the playback template. Click the "back" button on your browser to go back to this index section.


"Steps to a Healthier U.S."
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Baltimore, MD - April 2003

"Live Well New York" Expo
New York, NY - April 23-24

Marina del Rey, CA - April 26-27

"Renewable Energy Finance Forum"
American Council on Renewable Energy (ACORE), New York, NY - June 24-25

"Solar World Congress 2005, Solar Energy: Bringing Water to the World"
International Solar Energy Society (ISES), Orlando, FL - August 6-12

"SAI Annual Conference, Beyond Compliance: Innovative Strategies for Responsible Sourcing"
Social Accountability International (SAI), New York, NY - September 19

"Green Building and Construction in New York City" (interviews)
Professional Women in Construction (PWC), New York NY - September 20

"Eighth Annual Green Building Expo"
City of Scottsdale, Scottsdale, AZ - September 23-24

“Clean and Green,” 4th Annual Empire Energy & Environmental Exposition
Environmental Business Assoc. of New York State (EBA-NYS), Saratoga Springs, NY - October 12-13

"Renewable Energy in America: Policies for Phase II"
American Council on Renewable Energy (ACORE), Washington, DC - October 17-18

“Connecticut Global Climate Change Summit: Business Risks and Opportunities for Connecticut's Insurance Industry"
, CT - October 27

“Climate Change Futures: Health, Ecological and Economic Dimensions”
Swiss Re, The Center for Health and the Global Environment (Harvard Medical School), UNDP, New York, NY - November 1

"USGBC Annual Greenbuild Conference & Expo"
U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), Atlanta, GA - November 9-11

"133rd Annual Meeting"
American Public Health Association (APHA), Philadelphia, PA - December 10-14


November 20, 2005 - Our streaming video section is growing by leaps and bounds. Over the next two months, we plan to finish all of the backlogged post-production work and mount over 100 hours of new videos. Our goal for next year is to mount at least another 200 hours for a total of 18,000 minutes. Also, sometime in early 2006, we will switch video serving over to the Akamai Global Network for improved performance and reliability. This switch-over will also give us the capability to do live broadcasts. Stay tuned for additional announcements.

LOHAS VIDEO BLOG - Coming in First Quarter 2006

We have established a new information distribution system focused on the collection, organization, indexing and distribution of video from senior level presentations at major events produced or sponsored by LOHAS-related policy organizations.

 The system includes three key elements:

 1.  Production/Post-Production - Our video system is based upon a combination of off-the-shelf video technologies, including: affordable video recording technology (e.g., DV or HDV formats); desktop digital editing systems, Flash video technology for compression and playback over the Internet; and the Akamai global network for serving video across the Internet.

 2.  Video Blog - Once a video segment is processed through the production/post-production system, we distribute it without any fee to the public through a video blog on Any visitor to the site can complete a simple registration form to view newly released content over the video blog. Registered users have the option to use RSS (real simple syndication) technology to select topics that are most important to them and receive notification when those topics are released on the blog. The video blog will launch in the first quarter of 2006.

 By using a video blog for initial distribution, we will encourage visitors to respond to the presentations and begin an expanded dialogue beyond that initially created by the “source organization.” With each video playback template we will also provide links so that visitors can find more detailed information from the source organization. After three months, all videos will be placed in a searchable archive.

 3.  Audience & Promotion - All of this important content does not achieve its full potential unless critical groups of stakeholders know that it is available on the Internet. Stakeholder groups include, but are not limited to:

A. Media

  • Newspaper – Newspaper writers and editors covering business, environment, health, etc.
  • Journals – Trade and professional publications and journals of opinion.
  • Television – News departments of national and local television companies.

B. Government

  • Elected  - Representatives and staff from federal, state and local governments.
  • Administrative – Officials from administrative and regulatory agencies.
  • International – Officials from international organizations.

C. Business & Labor

  • Companies – Sustainability, environmental, health and safety and investor relations departments.
  • Industry – Organizations representing various industries.
  • Financial Institutions– Analysts covering the sectors.
  • Labor Unions and Pension Funds

D. NGO & Public Interest Organizations

E. Academics & Consultants

F. Early Adopters – Consumer and business people.

 We make the stakeholder groups aware of the service through a combination of top-down and bottom-up promotional campaigns using direct mail, print advertising, publicity and co-op programs with participating organizations. Our registration process for the video blog will provide proof of reception for our content distribution.

Our video distribution system can create a very significant virtual audience of considerable size relative to the original audience at an event. For a typical event session with 200 people in attendance originally, we will be able to easily double or triple the virtual audience to 400 to 600. Our goal is to expand the virtual audience for these events by ten-fold to one hundred-fold increases, or from 2,000 to 20,000 more participants.

 The traditional model of broadcast distribution of information is “filter, then publish.” Our model is “publish, then filter.” We want to include more stakeholders in the policy making process and we want to expand the media universe through a complementary relationship with source organizations and traditional media and other parties interested in policy development. We want to expand perspectives by providing web site visitors with direct access to source information and promote new conversations. We want to help build confidence across sectors that the enormous challenges of the 21st century can be overcome in a just and sustainable way.


Coming Soon.


Preliminary schedule available by the end of December 2005.

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