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Sustainable Lifestyles - Green Investing

Venture Capital Firms

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Marathon Capital, LLC: Merchant Banking for the Power Industry -

Meadowbrook Lane Capital - www.meadowbrooklane.com/

Moore Clayton & Co. - www.mccglobal.com/

National Association of Seed and Venture Funds - www.nasvf.org/

National Venture Capital Association (NVCA) - www.nvca.org/

Nature's Equity, LLC - www.naturequity.com/

New Energy Capital: Investing in Renewable Energy and Distributed Generation Assets - www.newenergycapital.com/

New Vantage Group: Active Angel Venture Funds - www.newvantagepartners.com/

North Castle Partners - http://northcastlepartners.com/index.php

Nth Power - www.newenergycapital.com/nec_contact.html

OPG Ventures, Inc. - www.opg.com/ops/vent_default.asp

Parker Venture Management, Inc. - www.parkerventure.com/

Perseus - www.perseusllc.com/index.htm

Progressive Investor: Green Investing, Venture Capital Investing (SustainableBusiness.com) - www.sustainablebusiness.com/progressiveinvestor/index.cfm

Prometheus Equity Partners Pty Ltd (Australia) - www.pepvc.com/

Prospect Street - www.prospectstreet.com/introduction.html


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