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Sustainable Lifestyles - Green Investing

Venture Capital Firms

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Adams, Harkness & Hill: The Emerging Growth Investment Bank -

American Capital: Investing in Middle Market Companies -

Arete Corporation: Manager of the Micro-Generation Technology Fund -

Assabet Group - www.assabetgroup.com/index.html

Black Emerald: Specialists in Renewable Energy and Environmental Technology Finance - www.blackemerald.com

Blue Hill Partners, LLC: Capital and Management for Advanced Industrial Technologies - www.bluehillpartners.com

Brody Weiser Burns - www.brodyweiser.com

Catalyst Financial Group, Inc.: Financing for a Sustainable Economy -

Chrysalix Energy Limited Partnership - www.chrysalix.com

Clean Energy States Alliance (CESA) - http://cleanenergyfunds.org/

Committed Capital, LLC - www.committedcapital.com

Commons Capital: Venture Capital for a Sustainable Future - www.commonscapital.com/

Community Development Venture Capital Alliance (CDVCA) - www.cdvca.org/

Conduit Ventures Limited (U.K.) - www.conduit-ventures.com

Connecticut Clean Energy Fund - http://ctcleanenergy.com/


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