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Sustainable Lifestyles - Green Investing

Community Investing & Microfinance

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A Heart for the Homeless: Bruce Gunter is renovating buildings and revitalizing lives, John Dunn, Georgia Tech Alumni Magazine - http://gtalumni.org/StayInformed/magazine/win98/homeless.html

Accion International - www.accion.org/default.asp

Association for Enterprise Opportunity (AEO) - www.microenterpriseworks.org/

California Statewide Certified Development Corporation (CSCDC) - www.cscdc.org/

Calvert Foundation - www.calvertfoundation.org/

Community Development Venture Capital Alliance (CDVCA) - www.cdvca.org/

Ecologic Development Fund - www.ecologic.org/

Corporation for Enterprise Development (CFED) - www.cfed.org/

Global GreenGrants Fund - www.greengrants.org/

International Association of Investors in the Social Economy - www.inaise.org/EN/fr_1.html

International Finance Corporation (IFC) - www.ifc.org/


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