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Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

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About the FDA

About -

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Products Regulated by the FDA

Center for Biological Evaluation and Research (Biologics, Blood, Therapeutics, Vaccines, Cellular & Gene Therapy, Allergenics, Tissue Devices) -

Center for Devices and Radiological Health (Breast Implants, Cell Phones, LASIK, Mammography Facilities, Medical Devices, Radiation-Emitting Electronic Products, Whole-Body CT Scans) -

Center for Drug Evaluation and Research (Drugs) -

Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition (Bioengineered Food, Cosmetics, Dietary Supplements, Food, Tattoos) -

Center for Veterinary Medicine (Animal Drugs and Food, Aquaculture) -

Office of Orphan Products Development -

National Center for Toxilogical Research (biometry and risk assessment, biochemical toxicology, chemistry, genetic and reproductive toxicology, microbiology, molecular epidemiology, neurotoxicology, veterinary services) -

Office of Special Health Issues (HIV/AIDS, Cancer Information, Cancer Liaison Program, Patient Representative Program, Other Special Health Issues) -

FDA Information for Older People -

Office of Women's Health -

Regulatory Affairs

Office of Regulatory Affairs -

Laws Enforced by the FDA & Related Statues -

FDA Enforcement Activities -

FDA Enforcement Report Index -

Recalls and Safety Alerts -

Information for FDA Regulated Industry -

Major Initiatives/Activities

FDA Modernization Act -

Communicating with Our Stakeholders -

Government Performance and Results Act of 1993 -

Summary Status Report on FDA Reinvention Goals, August 2000 -

FDA Advisory Committees -

Good Clinical Practice in FDA Regulated Clinical Trials -

Buying Medicines and Medical Products Online -

Interacting with the FDA

Contact FDA -

Getting Information from the FDA -

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Information for Health Professionals -

FDA Backgrounders -

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) -

Problem Reporting -

Making Your Voice Heard at the FDA -

MedWatch (The FDA Safety Information and Adverse Event Reporting Program) -

Office of the Ombudsman -

FDA Advisory Committees -

Catalog of Publications -

FDA Consumer (official consumer magazine of the FDA) -

Electronic Reading Room (FOIA) -

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