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American Lung Association 7 Steps to a Smoke-Free Life

Edwin Fisher & Toni Goldfarb, April 1998, PB, Wiley, $14.95

Community-Based Interventions for Smokers: The Commit Field Experience

Beti Thompson, William Lynn, Donald Shopland & David Burns (Editors), February 1998, PB, Diane Publishing, $50.00

Controlled or Reduced Smoking: An Annotated Bibliography, Vol. 11

Pamela Rogers & Steve Baldwin (Compilers), June 1999, Greenwood Publishing Group, $69.95

Developing School-Based Tobacco Use Prevention and Cessation Programs

Steven Sussman, Clyde Dent, Alan Stacey, Dee Burton & Brian Flay, October 1994, PB, Sage Publications, $38.95

Dying to Quit: Why We Smoke and How We Stop

Janet Brigham, June 1998, HC, National Academy of Sciences, $29.95

Health Benefits of Smoking Cessation: A Report of the Surgeon General

Diane Publishing (Editor), September 1995, PB, Diane Publishing, $50.00

How to Help Your Patients Stop Smoking: A Manual for Physicians

Thomas Glynn & Marc Manley, October 1992, PB, Diane Publishing, $35.00

How to Quit Smoking Without Gaining Weight

Martin Katahn, June 2000, HC, Replica Books, $21.95

Out of the Ashes: Help for People Who Have Quit Smoking

Peter Holmes & Peggy Holmes, PB, $9.95

Predicators of Stage Movement Toward Smoking Cessation in Pregnant Women

Lorna Carolyn Henry, December 2002, HC, Edwin Mellen Press, $99.95

Respiratory Disorders and Behavioral Medicine

Adrian Kaptein & Thomas Creer (Editors), January 2002, HC, Taylor & Francis, $60.00

Review and Evaluation of Smoking Cessation Methods: The U.S. and Canada, 1978-1985

Jerome Schwartz, October 1992, PB, Diane Publishing, $40.00

Smokeless Side: Humor to Reverse Your Urge to Smoke and the Effects of Ads and Peer Pressure, the Original

Cartoon Book for Smoking Cessation, Vol. 1

Peter Migaly, July 1995, PB, Peter Migaly, $15.95

Smoking Cessation

Katharine Palmer, October 2000, PB, Adis International, $34.95

Smoking Cessation: Clinical Practice Guidelines

Michael Fiore, William Bailey & Stuart Cohen, June 1996, PB, Diane Publishing, $30.00

Stop Smoking and Chewing Tobacco for Life Changes

David Johnson & Carole Johnson, September 2000, PB, Infinity Publishing, $19.95

Tobacco and the Clinician: Interventions for Medical and Dental Practice

Diane Publishing (Editor), September 1994, PB, Diane Publishing, $50.00

Understanding and Changing Health Behaviour: From Health Beliefs to Self-Regulation

Paul Norman, Mark Conner & Charles Abraham (Editors), September 2000, PB, Routledge, $24.95

What Schools Should Do to Help Kids Stop Smoking

William Fibkins, January 2000, PB, Eye On Education, $25.95

You Can Quit Smoking: Consumer Version, Clinical Practice Guideline No. 18

Superintendent of Documents, May 1996, PB, U.S. Government Printing Office, $14.00

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