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Adolescence, Affect and Health

Donna Spruijt-Metz, September 1999, HC, Erlbaum Associates, $60.00

Child Health and Surveillance

J. Moreton & A. Macfarlane, January 1991, PB, Blackwell Publishers, $36.95

Child Health, Nutrition & Physical Activity

Lilian Cheung, Julius Richmond (Editor), March 1995, HC, Human Kinetics Publishers, $39.00

Children and Exercise XIX: Promoting Health and Well-Being

Neil Armstrong, Joanne Welsman & Brian Kirby (Editors), December 1997, HC, Routledge, $120.00

Children’s Health in Primary Schools

Berry Mayall, Gillian Bendelow, Marijcke Veltman, Pamela Storey & Sandy Barker, July 1996, PB, Taylor & Francis,


Handbook of Adolescent Health Risk Behavior

Ralph Diclemente, William Hansen & Lynn Ponton (Editors), July 1997, HC, Kluwer Academic Publishers, $109.00

Health Hazards in Adolescence

Klause Hurrelmann & Friedrich Losel (Editors), January 1990, HC, Walter de Gruyter, Inc., $97.80

Healthy Children 2000

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, January 1992, PB, Jones & Bartlett Publishers, $38.95

Health-Promoting and Health-Compromising Behaviors among Minority Adolescents

Dawn Wilson, James Rodrigue & Wendell Taylor (Editors), December 1996, HC, American Psychological Association, $39.95

Health Promotion in Schools: Innovative Approaches to Facilitating Physical and Emotional Well-Being

Joseph Zins, Donald Wagner & Charles Maher (Editors), January 1985, PB, Haworth Press, $19.95

How Children Learn to Be Healthy (International Studies on Child and Adolescent Health)

Barbara Tinsley, October 2002, PB, Cambridge Univ. Press, $19.95

Promoting Teen Health

Sally Champlin & Alan Henderson (Editors), May 1998, PB, Sage Publications, $36.95

Promotion of Wellness in Children and Adolescents

Dante Cicchetti, Roger Weissberg, Julian Rappaport, Irwin Sandler (Editors), July 2000, PB, Child Welfare League of America, $28.95

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