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Americans with Disabilities Act: Implications for Workers’ Compensation

Stacey Eccleston (Editor), July 1992, Workers Compensation Research Institute, $54.95

An International Comparison of Workers’ Compensation

C. Arthur Williams, Jr., July 1991, HC, Huebner, $162.50

Benefits, Costs and Cycles in Workers’ Compensation

Philip Borba & David Appel (Editors), May 1990, HC, Huebner, $114.50

BLR Encyclopedia of Workers’ Compensation

David Coleman, Barbara Kelly & Doris Spengler, January 1995, Ringbound, Business & Legal Reports, $199.95

Cases and Materials on Workers’ Compensation

Joseph Little, Gary Smith & Thomas Eaton, August 1999, HC, West Group, $66.00

CompControl (2nd edition): The Secrets of Reducing Workers’ Compensation Costs

Edward Priz & Kathleen Doyle, April 2001, PB, PSI Research, $17.95

Compensating Permanent WorkPlace Injuries: A Study of the California System

Mark Peterson, June 1998, PB, Rand Corporation, $20.00

Compensation for Industrial Disease

Nicholas Wikeley, October 1993, HC, Ashgate Publishing, $109.95

Cumulative Trauma Disorder: A Legal Guide to CTD Prevention, Regulation, and Liability

CTD News (Editor), November 1993, HC, Andrews Publications, $129.95

Employer’s Guide to Workers’ Compensation

Edward Welch, January 1994, HC, BNA Books, $55.00

Executive’s Guide to Controlling Health Care and Disability Costs: Strategy-Based Solutions

Bruce Barge & John Carlson, May 1993, HC, Wiley, $34.95

Federal Workers’ Compensation Guide

Federal Employees News Digest Staff, December 1999, PB, Federal Employees News Digest, $19.95

Findings and Recommendations on California’s Permanent Partial Disability System: Executive Summary

Rachel Stern, Mark Peterson, Mary Vaiana & Robert Reville, January 1998, PB, Rand Corporation, $8.00

Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment

Linda Cocchiarella & Gunnar Andersson, April 2000, HC, American Medical Assc., $149.00

Impairment Rating/Disability Evaluation

Robert Rondinelli, Richard Katz & Richard Lampert (Editors), September 1999, HC, Saunders, $69.00

International Examinations of Medical-Legal Aspects of Work Injuries

Elizabeth Yates & John Burton, Jr., November 1997, Scarecrow Press, $55.00

Litigating Stress Cases in Workers’ Compensation

Steven Babitsky & James Mangraviti, Jr., September 1993, HC, Wiley, $145.00

Managing Worker’s Compensation: A Guide to Injury Reduction and Effective Claim Management in Occupational Safety

and Health

Keith Wertz, C. Bradley Layton & James Bryant, January 2000, HC, CRC Press, $69.95

Medical Costs in Workers’ Compensation: Interstate Comparisons, Minnesota, and Other Selected States

Greg Gifford, December 1998, PB, Diane Publishing, $25.00

Moving In on Occupational Injury

David Worth, August 2000, PB, Butterworth-Heinemann, $62.95

Pennsylvania Workmen’s Compensation and Occupational Disease

Alexander Babieri, William Foley, Jr., Thomas Bond &Maureen Argentieri, December 1999

PB, International Association of Fire Chiefs, $275.00

Permanent Disability Benefits in Workers’ Compensation

Monroe Berkowitz & John Burton, Jr., November 1987, HC, Upjohn Institute, $36.00

Primer on Workers’ Compensation (2nd Edition)

Jeffrey Nackley, May 1989, PB, BNA Books, $45.00

Psychiatric Claims in Workers’ Compensation Cases and Civil Litigation, Vol. 1

Herbert Lasky, March 1994, HC, Wiley, $127.50

Psychiatric Claims in Workers’ Compensation Cases and Civil Litigation, Vol. 2

Herbert Lasky, March 1994, HC, Wiley, $127.50

Rate Regulation of Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Patricia Munch Danzon, November 1997, PB, American Enterprise Institute, $14.95

Safety and the Work Force: Incentives and Disincentives in Workers’ Compensation

John Worrall (Editor), December 1983, HC, Cornell Univ. Press, $36.95

Slash Your Workers’ Comp Costs

Thomas Lundberg, May 1997, HC, AMACON, $27.95

Take Charge of Your Workers’ Compensation Claim: AN A-to-Z Guide for Injured Employees

Christopher Ball, Ralph Warner & Beth Laurence (Editors), March 2002, PB, Nolo, $34.95

Tragedy of Black Lung: Federal Compensation for Occupational Disease

Peter Barth, May 1987, PB, Upjohn Institute, $19.00

Understanding AMA Guides in Workers’ Compensation

James Mangraviti, Jr. & Steven Babitsky (Editors), June 2000, HC, Aspen Publishers, $185.00

Workers’ Compensation: A Reference and Guide

Peter Nencsis, July 1998, HC, Greenwood Publishing Group, $64.95

Workers’ Compensation: Foundations for Reform

Morley Gunderson & Douglas Hyatt (Editors), June 2000, PB, Univ. of Toronto Press, $24.95

Workers’ Compensation: Strengthening the Social Compact

Orin Kramer, Richard Briffault, March 1992, PB, Univ. Press of America, $17.50

Workers’ Compensation and Employee Protection Laws

Jack Hood, Harold Lewis & Benjamin Hardy, December 1998, HC, West Group, $25.50

Workers’ Compensation Insurance: Claim Costs, Prices, and Regulation

David Durbin & Philip Borba (Editors), December 1992, HC, Huebner, $206.50

Workers’ Compensation Supervisor

Jack Rudman, PB, National Learning Corporation, $34.95

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