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Industrial Hygiene Evaluation Methods

Michael Bisesi & James Kohn, March 1995, HC, CRC Press, $99.95

Occupational Health and Hygiene

John Ridley & John Channing, July 1999, PB, Butterworth-Heinemann, $49.99

Occupational Safety and Industrial Hygiene Markets

Richard Miller & Terri Walker, April 1997, HC, Richard K. & Associates, $485.00

Patty’s Industrial Hygiene

Robert Harris, April 2000, HC, Wiley, $995.00

Patty’s Industrial Hygiene, Vol. 1

Robert Harris, F.A. Patty (Editor), April 2000, HC, Wiley, $295.00

Patty’s Industrial Hygiene, Vol. 2

Robert Harris, April 2000, HC, Wiley, $295.00

Patty’s Industrial Hygiene, Vol. 3

Robert Harris, April 2000, HC, Wiley, $295.00

Patty’s Industrial Hygiene, Vol. 4

Robert Harris, April 2000, HC, Wiley, $295.00


AAOHN-Core Curriculum for Occupational Health Nursing

American Association of Occupational Health Nurses, Thomas Eoyang (Editor), May 1997

PB Saunders WB Co., $59.95

An Occupational Perspective on Health

Ann Allart Wilcock, May 1998, HC, Slack, $37.95

ANA WorkPlace Health and Safety Guide for Nurses: OSHA and NIOSH Resources

Michelle Kom Gochenhour, Susan Wilburn, Michelle Nawar, January 2001

PB, American Nurses Publishing, $39.75

Basic Occupational Medicine: A Guide to Developing Delivery Systems

Robert Silver, January 1991, HC, CRC Press, $139.95

Biomarkers and Occupational Health: Progress and Perspectives

Mortimer Mendelsohn, John Peeters & Mary Normandy (Editors), January 1995

HC, National Academy Press, $59.95

Case Studies in Environmental Health and Safety

Association of Higher Education Facilities, January 1990, PB, AHEF, $33.50

Conditions in Occupational Therapy: Effect on Occupational Performance

Ruth Ann Hansen & Ben Atchison, November 1999, HC, Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, $45.95

Current Topics in Occupational Health: Knowledge and Research Needs

O. Svane, T.C. Aw & V.H. Madsen, May 1996, PB, European Communities EUROP/OOPEC/OPOCE, $12.00

Environmental and Occupational Medicine

William Rom (Editor), July 1998, HC, Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, $225.00

Handbook of Occupational Health Psychology

James Quick & Lois Tetrick (Editors), August 2002, HC, American Psychological Association, $49.95

High Risk and High Stakes: Health Professionals, Politics, and Policy, Vol.100

Earl Wysong, July 1992, HC, Greenwood Publishing Group, $67.00

Kornberg’s Operational Guideline Series in Occupational Medicine

James Kornberg, January 1992, HC, CRC Press, $129.95

Moving In on Occupational Injury

David Worth, August 2000, PB, Butterworth-Heinemann, $62.95

Occupational and Environmental Neurotoxicology

Robert Feldman, August 1998, HC, Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, $129.00

Occupational Health

F.S. Gill, T.C. Aw, K. Gardiner, J.M. Harrington (Editor), December 1998, HC, Blackwell Science, $52.95

Occupational Health Pocket Guide

J.M. Harrington & F.S. Gill, January 1992, PB, Blackwell Publishers, $39.95

Occupational Health: A Practical Guide for Managers

Ann Fingret & Alan Smith, August 1995, PB, Routledge, $27.95

Occupational Health: For the Nurse and Other Health Workers

Yvonne Campbell, Susan Hattingh, Johann Mets, A.J. Kotze, Jenny Acutt & Ziel Bergh, January 1994

PB, Juta & Co., $46.15

Occupational Health: Recognizing and Preventing Work-Related Disease and Injury

David Wegman & Barry Levy (Editors), December 1999, PB, Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, $69.95

Occupational Health: Risk Assessment and Management

Krishna Rampal & Steven Sadhra (Editors), April 1999, HC, Blackwell Science, $197.95

Occupational Health and Hygiene

Jeremy Stranks, October 1994, PB, Trans-Atlantic Publications, $42.50

Occupational Health Nursing: Concepts and Practice

Bonnie Rogers, January 2003, HC, Saunders WB Co., $59.95

Occupational Health Practice

Christer Edling & H.A. Waldron, January 1997, HC, Butterworth-Heinemann, $99.50

Occupational Hygiene

J.M. Harrington & K. Gardiner (Editors), September 1995, HC, Blackwell Publishers, $168.95

Occupational, Industrial, and Environmental Toxicology

Michael Greenberg (Editor), December 2002, HC, Elsevier Science, $99.95

Occupational Injuries: Evaluation, Management, and Prevention

Thomas Herington & Linda Morse (Editors), January 1995, HC, Mosby Year Book, $110.00

Occupational Injury: Risk, Prevention and Intervention

Anne-Marie Feyer & Ann Williamson (Editors), February 1998, PB, Taylor & Francis, $38.95

Occupational Medicine: Construction Safety and Health

Knut Ringen, Laura Welch, Jane Seegal, James Weeks & Anders Englund (Editors), February 1996

HC, Hanley & Belfus, $36.00

Occupational Medicine: Principles and Practice

Carl Zenz, Edward Horvath Jr. & O. Bruce Dickerson, January 1994, HC, Mosby Year Book, $219.00

Occupational Medicine: Quick Reference Guides for Family Physicians

James Lomax, Eckhardt Johanning, Richard Sadovsky (Editor), August 2001, PB, Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, $29.95

Practical Approach to Occupational and Environmental Medicine

Robert McCunney & Paul Brandt-Rauf (Editors), December 1994, HC, Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, $79.95

Preventing Occupational Disease and Injury

James Weeks, Barry Levy & Gregory Wagner (Editors), November 1991, HC, American Public Health Association Publications, $28.50

Psychology of Safety Handbook

E. Scott Geller, December 2000, HC, CRC Press, $119.95

Setting the Limit: Occupational Health Standards and the Limits of Science

Sven Ove Hansson, January 1998, HC, Oxford Univ. Press, $35.00

Textbook of Occupational Medicine Practice

J. Jeyaratnam & D. Koh, July 1996, PB, World Scientific Publishing, $42.00

Toil and Toxics: WorkPlace Struggles and Political Strategies for Occupational Health

James Robinson, October 1991, PB, Univ. of California Press, $14.95

Work and Well-Being: The Occupational Social Work Advantage

Paul Kurzman & Sheila Akabas (Editors), June 1993, PB, NASW Press, $34.95

Work Environment: Occupational Health Fundamentals, Vol. 1

Doan Hansen (Editor), May 1991, HC, CRC Press, $139.95

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