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COSHRA (Comprehensive Occupational Safety and Health Reform Act) Legislation in the 103rd Congress: An Update of

Estimated Private and Public Sector Employer Costs

James Holt, May 1994, PB, Diane Publishing Co., $40.00

Handbook of OSHA Construction Safety and Health

Charles Dennis Reese & Jim Lapping, May 1999, HC, CRC Press, $99.95

Keller’s Official OSHA Safety Handbook

U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration Staff, January 1998, HC, J.J. Keller Associates, $7.95

Labor and Employment Law: Text and Cases

David Twomey, August 2000, HC, South-Western Thomson Learning, $100.95

Law of Health and Safety at Work

Frank Wright, August 1997, HC, Sweet & Maxwell, $137.95

Legal Liability: A Guide for Safety and Loss Prevention Professionals

Thomas Schneid & Michael Schumann, December 1997, HC, Aspen Publishers, $75.00

Manager’s Guide to OSHA

Neville Thompkins & Brenda Machovsky (Editors), March 1993, PB, Crisp Publications, $12.95

NIOSH Recommendations for Occupational Safety and Health: Compendium of Policy Documents and Statements

April 1994, PB, Diane Publishing Co., $50.00

Occupational Health Law

Diana Kloss, October 1998, HC, Blackwell, $75.00

Occupational Safety and Health Law

Randy Rabinowitz (Editor), September 2002, HC, BNA Books, $265.00

Occupational Safety and Health: Employers’ Experiences in Complying with the Hazard Communication Standard (HCS)

July 1993, PB, Diane Publishing Co., $20.00

Occupational Safety and Health: OSHA Action Needed to Improve Compliance with Hazard Communication Standard

PB, Diane Publishing Co., $30.00

Occupational Safety and Health: Violations of Safety and Health Regulations by Federal Contractors

Diane Publishing Company, December 1996, PB, Diane Publishing Co., $35.00

Occupational Safety and Health Law: 1997 Cumulative Supplement

Victoria Bor & Horace Thompson (Editors), January 1998, PB, BNA Books, $85.00

OSHA and EPA Process Safety Management Requirements: A Practical Guide for Compliance

Mark Dennison, December 1997, HC, Wiley, $115.00

OSHA and the Politics of Health Regulation: Organizational and Political Changes in a Regulatory Agency

David McCaffrey (Editor), January 1982, HC, Perseus Publishing, $67.50

OSHA in the Real World: How to Maintain WorkPlace Safety While Keeping Your Competitive Edge

John Hartnett, September 1995, PB, Silver Lake Publishing, $29.95

OSHA Made Easy: A Guide to Recordkeeping, Reporting, and Compliance

Robert Moran & Mark Moran, September 1994, HC, Wiley, $120.95

Regulating WorkPlace Safety: System and Sanctions

Neil Gunningham & Richard Johnstone, May 1999, HC, Oxford Univ. Press, $85.00

Regulation and Risk: Occupational Health and Safety on the Railways

Bridget Hutter, January 2001, HC, Oxford Univ. Press, $85.00

Twenty Years of OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) Federal Enforce Data:

A Review and Explanation of Major Trends

Frederic Siskind, December 1993, PB, Diane Publishing Co., $30.00

Workers at Risk: The Failed Promise of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration

Thomas O’McGarity & Sidney Shapiro, February 1993, HC, Greenwood Publishing Group, $79.95

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