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Management of Alcohol and Drug-Related Issues in the WorkPlace

Diane Publishing Co. (Editor), February 1997, PB, Diane, $35.00

Member Assistance Programs in the WorkPlace: The Role of Labor in the Prevention and Treatment

of Substance Abuse, Vol. 69

Samuel Bacharach, Pter Bamberger & William Sonnenstuhl, November 1994, PB, Cornell University Press, $15.95

Preventing WorkPlace Substance Abuse: Beyond Drug Testing to Wellness

Joel Bennett & Wayne Lehman (Editors), September 2002, HC, American Psychological Association, $39.95

Research Advances in Alcohol and Drug Problems: Drug Testing in the WorkPlace, Vol. 11

Scott Macdonald, January 1994, HC, Perseus Publishing, $159.50

Substance Abuse in the WorkPlace

Reginald Campbell, April 1995, HC, CRC Press, $89.95

Under the Influence? Drugs and the American Work Force

Jacques Normand, National Research Council, March 1995, HC, National Academy Press, $39.95

WorkPlaces Without Alcohol and Other Drugs: What Works

Diane Publishing Co. (Editor), July 1995, PB, Diane, $20.00


Alert and Alive: Defusing Anger and Violence in the WorkPlace

Daniel Paulk, January 1999, PB, American Media Publishing, $14.95

Anger and Conflict in the WorkPlace: Spot the Signs, Avoid the Trauma

Lynne McClure, June 2000, HC, Impact Publications, $15.95

Anger in the WorkPlace: Understanding the Causes of Aggression and Violence

Seth Allcorn, November 1994, HC, Greenwood Publishing Group, $64.95

Antisocial Behavior in Organizations

Robert Giacalone & Jerald Greenberg (Editors), January 1997, PB, Sage Publications, $40.95

Blindsided: A Manager’s Guide to Catastrophic Incidents in the WorkPlace

Bruce Blythe, August 2002, HC, Portfolio, $24.95

Blood in the Bank: Social and Legal Aspects of Death at Work

Gary Slapper, January 2000, HC, Ashgate Publishing, $94.95

Essentials of Aggression Management in Health Care

Steven Wilder & Christopher Sorenson, December 2000, PB, Pearson Education, $42.00

Fear and Violence on the Job: Prevention Solutions for the Dangerous WorkPlace

Steve Albrecht, July 1997, PB, Carolina Academic Press, $25.00

Gender, Sexuality and Violence in Organizations: The Unspoken Forces of Organizational Violations

Jeff Hearn & Wendy Parkin, December 2001, PB, Sage Publications, $26.00

Malignant Personalities: Protecting Yourself in the WorkPlace

Toni Russell, August 2000, PB, iUniverse, $11.95

Managing Violence in the WorkPlace

Thomas Capozzoli & Steve McVey, January 1999, HC, CRC Press, $59.95

New Arenas for Violence: Homicide in the American WorkPlace

Michael Kelleher, October 1996, HC, Greenwood Publishing Group, $62.95

Nothing Personal, Just Business: A Guided Journey into Organizational Darkness

Howard Stein, June 2000, HC, Greenwood Publishing Group, $69.95

Occupational Guide to Violence in the WorkPlace

Thomas Schneid, December 1998, HC, CRC Press, $74.95

Personal Safety for Health Care Workers

Bibby, July 1995, PB, Ashgate Publishing, $39.95

Personal Safety for People Working in Education

Diana Lamplugh & Barbara Pagan, December 1996, PB, Ashgate Publishing, $39.95

Preventing Violence at Work: A Step-by-Step Program to Protect Your Employees, Company, and Assets

Joseph Kinney, June 1995, HC, Prentice Hall Professional, $84.00

Preventing WorkPlace Violence: A Guide for Employers and Practioners

Mark Braverman, Julian Barling & Kevin Kelloway (Editors), December 1998, PB, Sage Publications, $33.95

Preventing WorkPlace Violence: Positive Management Strategies

Marianne Minor, Carol Henry (Editor), June 1995, PB, Crisp Publications, $12.95

Profiling the Lethal Employee: Case Studies of Violence in the WorkPlace

Michael Kelleher, January 1997, HC, Greenwood Publishing Group, $62.95

Risky Business: Managing Employee Violence in the WorkPlace

Lynne Falkin McClure, November 1996, PB, Haworth Press, $19.95

Stalking, Harassment, and Murder in the WorkPlace: Guidelines for Protection and Prevention

Bernadette Schell & Nellie Lanteigne, September 2000, HC, Greenwood Publishing Group, $69.95

Staying Safe at Work

Donna Chaiet, April 1994, HC, Rosen Publishing Group, $16.95

Surviving Aggressive People: Practical Violence Prevention Skills for the WorkPlace and the Street

Shawn Smith, March 2003, PB, Sentient Publications, $14.95

Taming the Beast: Getting the Violence out of the WorkPlace

Frema Engel, February 1998, PB, Ashwell Publishers, $21.95

Threats Pending, Fuses Burning

Dennis Davis, June 1997, HC, Consulting Psychologists Press, $22.95

Understanding Violence and Victimization

Robert Meadows, July 2000, PB, Pearson Education, $39.60

Violence at Work

Martin Gill, Vaughan Bowie & Bonnie Fisher (Editors), November 2001, HC, Willan Publishing, $45.00

Violence at Work

Duncan Chappell & Vittorio Di Martino, February 2000, PB, International Labour Office, $14.95

Violence at Work: How to Make Your Company Safer for Employees and Customers

Joseph Kinney, July 1995, PB, Prentice Hall Professional, $24.95

Violence in the WorkPlace: A Prevention and Management Guide for Business

S. Anthony Baron, September 2000, PB, Pathfinder Publishing of California, $14.95

Violence in the WorkPlace: Preventing, Assessing, and Managing Threats at Work

Carol Wilkinspn, April 1998, PB, Government Institutes, $95.00

Violence on the Job: Identifying Risks and Developing Solutions

Gary Vanden Bos & Elizabeth Bulatao (Editors), October 1996, HC, American Psychological Association, $29.95

Violence-Prone WorkPlace: A New Approach to Dealing with Hostile, Threatening, and Uncivil Behavior

Richard Denenberg & Mark Braverman, April 2001, PB, Cornell Univ. Press, $19.95

When Work Equals Life: The Next Stage of WorkPlace Violence

S. Anthony Baron & Suzanne Hoffman, March 2000, PB, Pathfinder Publishing of California, $12.95

Working Anger: Preventing and Resolving Conflict on the Job

Ronald Potter-Efron, October 1998, PB, New Harbinger Publications, $12.95

WorkPlace Hostility: Myth and Reality

Gerald Lewis & Nancy Zare, December 1998, PB, Taylor & Francis, $21.95

WorkPlace Violence: A BNA Plus Information Package

BNA Plus Staff, January 1998, Ringbound, BNA PLUS, $50.00

WorkPlace Violence and Mental Illness

Kristine Empie, October 2002, HC, LFB Scholarly Publishing, $52.00

Work-Related Violence: Assessment and Intervention

Phil Leather, Carol Brady, Claire Lawrence, et al (Editors), January 1999, PB, Routledge, $35.00

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