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Occupational Hearing Loss (Revised and Expanded), Vol. 24

Robert Sataloff & Joseph Sataloff, January 1993, HC, Marcel Dekker, $255.00


Physical Hazards of the WorkPlace

Larry Collins & Thomas Schneid, March 2001, HC, CRC Press, $74.95

Prevention of Accidents through Experience Feedback

Urban Kjellen, November 2000, HC, Taylor & Francis, $104.00

Protective Gloves for Occupational Use

Jan Wahlberg & Gunn Mellstorm, January 1994, HC, CRC Press, $179.95

Occupational Safety and Accident Prevention: Behavioral Strategies and Methods

C.G. Hoyos & B.M. Zimolong, August 1998, HC, Elsevier Science, $163.00

Safety and Health in Confined Spaces

Neil McManus, November 1998, HC, CRC Press, $119.95

Safety Management: A Human Approach

Dan Petersen, July 1998, HC, American Society of Safety Engineers, $106.85

Shiftwork Safety and Performance: A Manual for Managers and Trainers

Peggy Westfall-Lake & Glenn McBride, November 1997, HC, CRC Press, $74.95


Assessment of Occupational Exposure Due to External Sources of Radiation: A Safety Guide

IAEA Staff, November 1999, PB, International Atomic Energy Agency, $25.00

Assessment of Occupational Exposure Due to Intakes of Radionuclides: A Safety Guide

IAEA Staff, October 1999, PB, International Atomic Energy Agency, $25.00

Guidelines for the Radiation Protection of Workers in Industry (Ionising Radiations):

Requirements for Control of Exposure to Radiation of Workers in specific Installations

International Labour Office, November 1989, PB, ILO, $8.00

Hazards Ahead: Managing Cleanup Worker Health and Safety at the Nuclear Weapons Complex

Diane Publishing Co., July 1993, PB, Diane Publishing, $30.00

Radiation Exposure and Occupational Risks

E. Scherer, C. Scherer & K.R. Trott (Editors), January 1990, HC, Springer-Verlag New York, $149.00

Report on the Office of Environment, Safety and Health Special Review of Occupational Safety and

Health Programs for the Hanford High-Level Waste Tanks

June 1993, PB, Diane Publishing Co., $35.00


Cooperation and Conflict in Occupational Safety and Health:

A Multination Study of the Automotive Industry

Richard Wokutch, July 1990, HC, Greenwood Publishing Group, $72.95

Intervening to Improve the Safety of Occupational Driving

Timothy Ludwig & Thomas Mawhinney, July 2001, PB, Haworth Press, $24.95

Motor Carrier Safety: A Guide to Regulatory Compliance

Erik Dunlap, January 2000, HC, CRC Press, $99.95

Regulation and Risk: Occupational Health and Safety on the Railways

Bridget Hutter, January 2001, HC, Oxford Univ. Press, $85.00

Transportation, Traffic Safety and Health

Roland Thord, Ake Nygren & Hans Von Holst, January 1997, HC, Springer-Verlag New York, $105.00

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