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Complete Book of Diet Drugs: Everything You Need to Know About Today’s Prescription and Over-the-Counter Weight

Loss Products

Steven Peiken & Liz Zorzanello Emery, January 2001

Consumer Health and Safety Activities: Just for the Health of IT, Unit 1

Patricia Rizzo Toner, October 1997, PB, Center for Applied Research in Education, $18.95

Dangerous Drug Interactions

Joe Graedon & Teresa Graedon, December 1998, PB, St. Martin’s Press, $6.95

Injury and Trauma Sourcebook: Basic Consumer Health Information about the Impact of Injury, the Diagnosis and

Treatment of Common and Traumatic Injuries, Emergency Care, and Specific Injuries

Joyce Brennfleck Shannon & Helene Henderson (Editors), May 2002, HC, Omnigraphics, $78.00

Mastering and Managing the FDA Maze: Medical Device Overview

Gordon Harnack, January 1999, PB, ASQ Quality Press, $49.00

Mercury Free: The Wisdom Behind the Global Consumer Movement to Ban Silver Dental Fillings

James Hardy, September 1997, PB, Gabriel Rose Press, $16.95

People’s Guide to Deadly Drug Interactions: How to Protect Yourself from Life-Threatening Drug/Drug, Drug/Food,

Drug/Vitamin Combinations

Joe Graedon & Teresa Graedon, October 1995, HC, St. Martin’s Press, $25.95

Traveler’s Health Sourcebook: Basic Consumer Health Information for Travelers, Including Physical and Medical

Preparations, Vaccination Recommendations

Joyce Brennfleck Shannon (Editor), HC, Omnigraphics, $78.00

Worst Pills, Best Pills: A Consumer’s Guide to Avoiding Drug-Induced Death or Illness

Sidney Wolfe & Larry Sasich, Public Citizen Health Group, January 1999, PB, Simon & Schuster, $17.95

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