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Bountiful Harvest: Technology, Food Safety, and the Environment

Thomas Degregri, October 2002, PB, Cato Institute, $12.95

Dinner at the New Gene Café: How Genetic Engineering is Changing What We Eat, How We Live, and the

Global Politics of Food

Bill Lambrecht, September 2001, HC, St. Martin’s Press, $24.95

Ensuring Safe Food: From Production to Consumption

National Research Council Staff, September 1988, HC, National Academy Press, $29.95

Essentials of Food Safety and Sanitation

David McSwane, Anna Williams, Nancy Rue & Richard Linton, January 2002, PB, Pearson Education, $55.00

Federal Food Safety Inspection System: Dangerous to Your Health?

Diane Publishing Co. (Editor), September 1992, PB, Diane, $25.00

Food Alert!: The Ultimate Sourcebook for Food Safety

Morton Satin, June 1999, PB, Facts on File, $14.95

Food, Consumers, and the Food Industry: Catastrophe or Opportunity?

Gordon Fuller, February 2001, HC, CRC Press, $84.95

Food Safety

Joan Kalbacken, Sarah De Capua (Editor), August 1998, PB, Scholastic Library Publishing, $6.95

Food Safety

J.P. D’Mello (Editor), January 2003, HC, Oxford Univ. Press, $145.00

Food Safety

Laura Egendorf, January 2000, PB, Gale Group, $17.45

Food Safety

Sharon Gordon, March 2002, PB, Scholastic Library Publishing, $5.95

Food Safety: A Guide to What You Really Need to Know

Jane Hemminger, Iowa Dietetic Association Staff, November 1999, PB, Iowa State Press, $29.99

Food Safety from Farm to Table: A National Food Safety Initiative

Barry Leonard (Editor), December 1998, PB, Diane Publishing Co., $20.00

Food Safety: Food for Good Health

Barbara Patten, June 1995, HC, Rourke Publishing, $24.95

Food Safety

Nina Redman, November 2000, HC, ABC-CLIO, $45.00

Food Safety: Changes Needed to Minimize Unsafe Chemicals in Food

Diane Publishing Co. (Editor), April 1995, PB, Diane, $40.00

Food Safety and International Competitiveness: The Case of Beef

John Spriggs & Grant Issac, July 2001, HC, Oxford Univ. Press, $75.00

Food Safety and Quality: Who Does What in the Federal Government

Diane Publishing Co. (Editor), December 1993, PB, Diane, $53.75

Food Safety and Quality Assurance: Foods of Animal Origin

William Hubbert, Michael Hinton, Harry Hagstad, Keith Hughes & Elizabeth Spangler, May 1996, HC,

Iowa State Press, $44.99

Food Safety and the WTO: The Interplay of Culture, Science, and Technology

Marsha Echols, October 2001, HC, Kluwer Law Int., $74.00

Food Safety and Toxicity

John De Vries, July 1996, HC, CRC Press, $84.95

Food Safety in the Hospitality Industry

Tim Knowles, June 2002, PB, Butterworth-Heinemann, $29.95

Food Safety Information Handbook

Cynthia Roberts & Cindy Roberts, July 2001, HC, Greenwood Publishing Group, $52.50

Food Safety Law

Michael Schumann, B.R. Schumann & Michael Fagel, December 1997, HC, Wiley, $105.00

Food Safety Law and Practice

Jeremy Stranks & Bernstein Stranks, June 1996, PB, Sweet & Maxwell, $73.95

Food Safety Sourcebook: Basic Consumer Health Information about the Safe Handling of Food

Dawn Mathews (Editor), January 2000, HC, Omnigraphics, $48.00

Food Science and Safety

George Seperich, January 1998, HC, Interstate Publishers, $50.00

Future of Food

Brian Ford, June 2000, PB, Thames & Hudson, $12.95

Genetically Modified Foods: Safety Aspects

Karl-Heinz Engel, Roy Teranishi & Gary Takeoka (Editors), October 1995, HC, American Chemical Society, $80.00

HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) Food Safety Manual

Joan Loken, January 1995, PB, Wiley, $75.00

Hungry for Profit: The Agribusiness Threat to Farmers, Food, and the Environment

Fred Magdoff, John Foster & Frederick Buttel (Editors), September 1999, PB, Monthly Review Press, $19.00

Imagine a World Without Monarch Butterflies: Awakening to the Hazards of Genetically Altered Foods

Alex Jack, January 2000, PB, One Peaceful World Press, $6.95

International Food Safety Handbook: Science, International Regulation, and Control

Sanford Miller & Kees Hejden, January 1999, HC, Marcel Dekker, $195.00

International Standards for Food Safety

David Watson & Naomi Rees, January 2000, HC, Aspen Publishers, $132.00

Is Our Food Safe? A Consumer’s Guide to Protecting Your Health and the Environment

Warren Leon & Caroline Smith DeWaal, June 2002, PB, Crown Publishing, $24.95

Naturally Dangerous: Surprising Facts About Food, Health, and the Environment

James Collman, January 2002, HC, University Science Books, $29.00

Pesticides and Food Safety

Diane Publishing Co. (Editor), September 1993, PB, Diane, $25.00

Quick Reference to Food Safety and Sanitation

Nancy Rue, Richard Linton & Anna Graf Williams, February 2002, PB, Pearson Education, $14.95

Safe Shopper’s Bible: A Consumer Guide to Nontoxic Household Products, Cosmetics and Food

David Steinman & Samuel Epstein, July 1995, PB, Wiley, $14.95

Safety Evaluation of Certain Food Additives

FAO/WHO Expert Committee on Food Additives (Editors), September 1999, HC, Bernan Associates, $81.00

Safety, Nutrition, and Health in Early Education

Catherine Robertson, August 2002, HC, Delmar Learning, $74.95

Safety of Irradiated Foods

Johannes Friedrich Diehl, July 1995, HC, Marcel Dekker, $189.00

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