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Holistic Veterinary Medicine
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Part A.  How is your holistic veterinary practice different from tradtional veterinary practices? Can Chinese herbal treatments that work for pets also help in the treatment of people?
Part B.
What has been the response of pet owners to your holistic treatments and the outcomes that they generate? Did you have resistance to your new treatments from other professionals in veterinary medicine?
Part C.
Do you keep statistical records of outcomes for communication to your professional colleagues about the positive outcomes that your treatments are generating? How is your approach to veterinary medicine different than traditional Chinese medicine?
Part D.
Why did you decide to put solar power on your hospital? How does renewable energy fit into your lifestyle?
Dr. Jiu Jia Wen & 
Dr. Karen Johnston
Hampton Veterinary Hospital,
Speonk, New York

Part A.  What is a "traveling veterinarian"? How is your veterinary practice different from traditional practices?
Part B.
What does the concept of "animal wellness" mean to you? How does the way you organize your practice impact your lifestyle?
Part C.
Do you feel that your "quality of life" is improving as a result of your style of veterinary practice? What are the trade-offs? We see that you drive a Prius hybrid car - how does that decision integrate with your practice and your lifestyle? Where can people get answers to questions that they may have?
Dr. Andrew Pepper, DVM
Village Mobile Veterinary Service
Sag Harbor, New York

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