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Rebus, Inc.
Medical Publishers
New York, NY
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Rebus, Inc. works with health professionals from leading universities to publish authoritative and practical books and newsletters of vital interest to today's health consumers. Our primary activity centers around publishing medical information that empowers people with easy to understand medical knowledge and self-care techniques.
Bookcover - Symptoms & Remedies
Johns Hopkins Symptoms & Remedies: The Complete Home Medical Reference, Simeon Margolis (Editor), 1999, Hardcover, $xx.xx
With this revised and new edition, you can: look up hundreds of common everyday symptoms; match up symptoms and disorders; check thousands of effective, reliable remedies; and find answers to your personal health questions. Like having a doctor in your house, the handbook gives you an immediate understanding of emergency and everyday symptoms, what they mean, how to treat them, and when to see the doctor.

Bookcover - Medical Test
Johns Hopkins Consumer Guide to Medical Tests, Simeon Margolis (Editor), 2001, Hardcover, $xx.xx
Before you undergo another medical test, consult this book first. Clear and easy to understand, this book will help you take full advantage of all the preventive screenings and diagnostic tests available today, including: laboratory testing, diagnostic imaging, screening tests, home testing, and genetic testing and screening. The book will help you to understand: why is the test performed?; what does it entail?; how should you prepare for it?; how will you feel and what should you expect during the procedure?; how are the results interpreted?; and what will it cost?
Bookcover - Guide to Drugs
Johns Hopkins Consumer Guide to Drugs: Including a Special Section on Dietary Supplements, Simeon Margolis (Editor), 2002, Hardcover, $
The Guide contains: current information on more than 700 different generic and 2,300 brand name prescriptions and over-the-counter drugs. Each entry is reviewed by a medical specialist with clinical expertise in a particular field of medicine using clear, concise and highly understandable language. Aslo: warnings of potentially deadly drug interactions; and numerous special features such as preventing adverse drug reactions and expert advice on the use of use herbs and other dietary supplements.

Bookcover - Encyclopedia of Drugs
Johns Hopkins Complete Home Encyclopedia of Drugs: Developed Especially for People Over 50, Simeom Margolis (Editor), 1998, Hardcover, $

This medical encyclopedia contains information on 700 different generic and 2,300 brand name prescription and over-the-counter drugs. Written in clear, concise, and highly understandable language, especially tailored to the needs of people over 50.The book includes essential drug information,and life-saving precautions including warnings of potential deadly drug interactions.

Bookcover - White Papers I.
Johns Hopkins White Papers 2002, Volume 1: Arthritis, Coronary Heart Disease, Depression and Anxiety, Diabetes, and Digestive Disorders; Volume 2: Hypertension and Stroke, Low Back Pain and Osteoporosis, Memory, Prostate Disorders, and Vision, Simeon Margolis (Editor), 2002, Hardcover, $

The White Papers are in-depth special reports written for the consumer by some of the nation's leading doctors to give you a thorough, easy to understand review of the current state of medical knowledge and what encouraging new treatments are being developed.

Newsletter - Health After 50
Johns Hopkins Medical Letter: Health After 50

When you're over 50, it's more important than ever to have access to reliable health information. You won't find a more authoritative source the Health After 50. Edited by Johns Hopkins experts from a wide range of fields, this monthly 8-page newsletter offers unparalleled commentary and insights on the latest news and developments in modern health care. Every issue concludes with a section called "House Calls," which provides straightforward answers to questions sent in by our readers. Consider Health After 50 your first step toward being a well-informed health consumer. Subscribe.

Bookcover - Wellness Foods AtoZ
Wellness Foods A to Z: An Indispensable Guide for Health-Conscious Food Lovers, Sheldon Margen, 2002, Hardcover, $

The Guide shows you: what to eat for optimal health; the current findings on foods and disease prevention; all the elements of a healthy diet and how they work together; how to get the vitamins and minerals you need; the latest evidence on potential health benefits; and the latest nutrition facts and insights on more than 500 foods from supermarkets, specialty food stores and farmers’ markets; tips on shopping, storage, preparation and serving advice; plus 12 wellness eating strategies.

Bookcover - Wellness Encyclopedia
The Wellness Encyclopedia of Food and Nutrition: How to Buy, Store, and Prepare Every Variety of Fresh Food, Sheldon Margen, 1992, Hardcover, $29.95
Here is a comprehensive Guide to more than 500 fresh and whole foods. Every food entry provides: latest findings on the links between foods and disease prevention; nutritional profiles showing calories, carbohydrates, protein, fats, fiber and key vitamins and minerals; shopping tips for choosing the freshest foods and when and where they’re available; best storage methods to preserve taste and nutritional value; best storage methods; cooking and preparation tips; and creative serving suggestions.

Bookcover - Home Wellness
The Complete Home Wellness Handbook: Home Remedies, Prevention, Self-Care, John Edward Swartzberg & Sheldon Margen, October 2001, Hardcover, $34.95
Now you can get the latest comprehensive, authoritative advice on how to recognize, treat, and prevent hundreds of family health problems on your own. With the Handbook you can: quickly look up your problem (listed A to Z); review your symptoms; get a clear explanation of what your condition may be; determine what causes it; learn the most effective remedies; see what you can do to prevent the problem; and know when you should call a doctor.

Newsletter - Wellness Letter

The WELLNESS LETTER relies on the expertise of the School of Public Health and other researchers at the University of California Berkeley. It translates leading-edge research into practical advice for daily living - at home, at work, while exercising, and in the market or health-food store. It clarifies the often conflicting and superficial health information presented by popular media. It has no ads or padding and doesn't try to sell you supplements or health products. You'll find at least a dozen fact-packed articles in every issue. The newsletter has more than 350,000 subscribers in the U.S. and Canada.

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