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Mothers Against Drunk Driving
Long Island Chapter
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Long Island Residents Killed in Drunk Driving Crashes
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Drinking has been part of our western world culture for thousands of years. We celebrate with alcohol at births, weddings, sporting events, dining and social affairs. However, the deadly mix of powerful vehicles with traditional uses of alcohol has created devastating carnage on our roads. Even the most unimposing compact car becomes a death-dealing machine when the driver is under the influence of alcohol.

The facts are startling:

  • DWI crashes kill 45 persons every day in the U.S., about one every 32 minutes.
  • More than one million Americans are injured every year in drunk driving crashes.
  • Drunk driving is the most frequently committed violent crime in the nation.
  • Alcohol use is the number one drug problem among young people.
  • Alcohol-related traffic fatalities claim the lives of more than 2,200 young people (ages 15-20) every year.
  • Alcohol-related crashes cost our society $45 billion each year.

Since MADD’s inception in 1980, alcohol-related traffic fatalities have declined more than 38% nationwide.

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MADD Long Island

MADD’s Mission: To Stop Drunk Driving,
Support the Victims of This Violent Crime,
and Prevent Underage Drinking.

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"While drinking is regarded as a private matter…

drinking and driving is a public matter of great concern for all those placed at risk."


MADD is a not-for-profit, grassroots anti-DWI (Driving While Intoxicated or Impaired) organization of victims, victims’ families, and concerned citizens working in your community to prevent drunk driving and reduce the number of deaths and injuries caused by drunk driving.

  • Provides support services to victims of drunk driving.
  • Assists in DWI prosecutions.
  • Monitors police and judicial procedures in DWI cases.
  • Attends DWI trials and hearing when requested by victims.
  • Collaborates with probation departments to prevent repeat offenses by DWI offenders.
  • Advocates for anti-DWI legislation.
  • Informs the public on DWI matters and conducts public awareness campaigns.
  • Participates in related public awareness and promotion events.
  • Provides speakers for civic organizations and school programs.
  • Implements school, youth education and prevention programs.
  • Works with government, public interest and other victim advocacy organizations.


Victims and their families suffer serious physical, psychological and financial damages as a result of an alcohol-related crash. MADD is the largest organization specifically devoted to services for these victims.

  • Provides a self-help victim support group.
  • Explains victims’ rights and the judicial process.
  • Accompanies victims or family members to court upon their request.
  • Assists in preparation of “victim’s impact statements” at DWI offenders’ sentencing and parole hearings.
  • Upon request initiates “call to action” letter-writing at time of offenders’ sentencing and parole hearings.
  • Provides information and referrals for professional assistance and other services.
  • Offers volunteer opportunities for anti-DWI advocacy and victim support programs.
  • Provides training program for victims to assist other victims.

Sculpture of Hope


The Long Island Garden of Awareness is a memorial dedicated to all innocent victims killed or injured by the violent crime of drunk driving. Conceived by Mothers Against Drunk Driving – Long Island Chapter, the memorial will be built on the campus of the State University of New York (SUNY) at Farmingdale, Long Island. As a unique place of reflection, the Garden of Awareness will:

  • Commemorate the thousands of victims who tragically lost their lives in drunk driving crashes
  • Bear Witness to the injured and all bereaved families and friends as a lasting testimony to their grief, pain and courage
  • Recognize the compassion of all those who have been touched in some way by the tragedy of drunk driving and their resolve to end the senseless killings and injuries.
  • Celebrate the hope that the spirit of every victim will live on to inspire others not to drink and drive and to take action to stop this violent crime.

The memorial is designed as an open, inviting site for visitors and for students to congregate or pass through in the course of their day. The 75 – foot long Wall of Remembrance in the center of the memorial will be built with bricks bearing the names of victims.

The Sculpture of Hope (depicted above, by the sculptor Michael Alfano, will be erected in front of an area of the wall symbolically broken by a drunk-driven car. The two figures represent every man and woman determined to rebuild broken lives and transform the senseless killing, pain and anguish of drunk driving into meaningful and lasting change. Their bricks do not have any new victim names.

Your donation is deeply appreciated and will be acknowledged and entered in the Long Island Garden of Awareness Commemorative Journal.

Mail your donations to:
MADD Long Island
33 Walt Whitman Road, Suite235
Huntington Station, New York 11746

For More Information or to Contact MADD

MADD Long Island
33 Walt Whitman Road, Suite 235
Huntington Station, New York 11746

Telephone: 631-547-6233
Fax: 631-547-6235


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