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LOHAS Consumers - $230 Billion Market

What makes LOHAS consumers really unique is that they “put their money where their mouth is.” They align what they buy with their LOHAS values.

Like all consumers, LOHAS consumers are concerned with price and quality. But, they go far beyond ordinary consumers in analyzing features and benefits. LOHAS consumers stay highly informed. They are more like investigative reporters when it comes to purchasing products. They want to know the where, how, who, what and when. They read the labels. Values are more important to them than product value. 90% of LOHAS consumers are willing to pay a 20% premium for LOHAS products over conventional products.

They look into the company’s business practices. They evaluate how the product was produced. They examine the environmental, health and safety impacts of its production and whether sustainable materials and methods were used in production. They review the business practices of the company. LOHAS consumers are hypercritical of advertising and they understand most of the shams and cons used in conventional ads.

LOHAS consumers look at the “big picture” even when they make small decisions about ordinary products such as shampoo or household cleaning products or vegetables. When it comes to major purchases, such as cars or energy or home building, they are even more detailed in their analysis. Not every individual can perform this intense review practice for every single product. So, like other consumers, they place a lot of faith in brands that have passed this informal community review process and they continually share that information with each other.

The final result of this consumer-driven, grass roots process is that the total market for LOHAS products and services has now grown to over $230 billion! The LOHAS market sectors include:

  • Food and Beverages
  • Personal Care Products
  • Household Products and Supplies
  • Dietary Supplements and Alternative Healthcare
  • Energy-Efficient Electronics and Appliances
  • Green Building Products
  • Renewable Power/Energy
  • Alternative and Hybrid Transportation

The total LOHAS market has grown by double-digit percentages for the last decade. More surprisingly, many of the LOHAS sectors, such as renewable energy and hybrid vehicles, are now only starting to take off in a big way.

The selection and quality of LOHAS products has improved dramatically in recent years. As LOHAS products reach larger and larger audiences, prices have declined and made LOHAS products highly competitive. National distribution has grown to the point that major retail chains now stock a broad selection of LOHAS products. - Advertising Opportunities is designed to assist companies and organizations in reaching this broad LOHAS market, which is currently diffuse and generally served by local or niche advertising vehicles.

Our site offers a rich coice of options for brand advertising, including:

  • Company Listings with links to company websites;

  • Banner Ads in standard sizes with either static designs or dynamic elements;

  • Full-Page Advertisements with interactive elements and links for more information or shopping;

  • Video Postings in the "Video Questions & Answers" or "Video Blog";

  • Sponsorships of pages, sections or the site.

Advertisers benefit in several ways, including:

  • Unique Access to the LOHAS market;

  • Innovative Rich Media presentations;

  • Online Sales opportunities directly from the site or through links;

  • Low Cost to reach a national audience of Lohas consumers.

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