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May, 2005

A Message from the Founders - "Wellness & Sustainability"

When most Americans watch television, they see their lives reflected in the programs and in the products that are advertised. When a LOHAS consumer watches television, they do not see a reflection of their ideas, their lives, and their vision of the future or the products that they want to buy. It is as if they did not even exist!

The vision of our company is to develop a large-scale, broadband web portal with integrated Internet video programming that promotes wellness and sustainability.

"Wellness" is the concept that encompasses preventing diseases and living a better and longer life for yourself and your family. "Sustainability" is the concept that encompasses how communities develop solutions to common problems, such as: land use, agricultural production, environmental health and safety, community development, and business management.

Our goal is not only to inspire people to learn about wellness and sustainability, but also, and more importantly, to help people make real choices and changes in their lifestyle, home, workplace and society.

Our web portal is designed to directly serve the unrecognized LOHAS audience of 68 million people and to promote LOHAS ideas to tens of millions of other viewers. A primary function of our portal will be to supply a continuous flow of information to LOHAS consumers about the issues, lifestyles and products that they are concerned with tracking.

Our programming will show the many variations in lifestyles that people have created to further their LOHAS values. We will review products and business practices of the companies serving the LOHAS market. We will provide a soapbox for visionaries and local heroes who are creating a new vision of the future.

As a content aggregator, we will seek out the “best practices” in all sectors and continually try to reintegrate the many parts into a holistic whole. At the same time, we will strive to use the highest standards and trusted sources to help us “separate the wheat from the chaff.” Like every other consumer market, the LOHAS market is preyed upon by con men and hoaxers. We will debunk them along side the conventional “Madison Avenue” hucksters.

We will provide in-depth programming coverage of healthy lifestyles and sustainability topics that are largely ignored by traditional electronic media. Our portal programming includes: news, public affairs, business reporting, and green shopping. Program topics include: nutrition and organic foods; lifelong fitness; wellness programs; green buildings; renewable energy; alternative drive vehicles; eco-tourism; green investing; corporate social responsibility; and “triple bottom line” business management. We hope that our portal will also help to foster a better sense of community for LOHAS consumers.

Barbara & Michael

January, 2003

A Message from Barbara - "Wellness Lifestyle"

In the “Old days,” my father, who would have been 105 by now, exercised daily even when it wasn't fashionable. One day, my poor mother was frightened by hearing her husband’s voice but she had difficulty finding him in the house. Finally, she found him propped up against a corner of a room standing on his head. He explained to her the many health benefits of the upside-down exercise, but to no avail with her.

I have spent my life reading, researching and trying to practice, what we now call, a “Wellness Lifestyle”. My two children, now 40-something adults, work out daily as well. They also attempt to lead a Wellness Lifestyle. Even my grandchildren, small as they are, take gymnastics, play sports, and lead a Wellness Lifestyle.

The positive health results of a Wellness Lifestyle are very obvious to everyone in our extended family.

Wellness has been a guiding principle in my life. In my professional life, I became a dance therapy clinician, wrote a popular book on fitness for older adults, and lectured on “Leading a Wellness Lifestyle.”

My clinical experience took me to many institutions in the medical world, including: Nursing Homes, Adult Homes, Senior Centers, and Hospitals. I worked with Pain Management Centers in both private practices and hospitals. I worked in state mental facilities with their mixed populations including developmentally disabled and autistic patients.

I also maintained my private practice where I have been able to help adults that have very debilitating conditions, such as: emphysema, severe arthritis, stroke victims, schizophrenics and people with severe MS and Parkinson’s disease.

For all of these conditions, it has become obvious that the elements of a Wellness Lifestyle have been able to create a better quality of life for these people, of course more so in some patients than others. Another happy result of this change of lifestyle for these patients was that in many cases, the need for drug therapy was either eliminated or, at the very least, lessened.

Several years ago, I met and married a wonderful man. He is a very intelligent person, well educated, with a marvelous curiosity about all that life has to offer. However, a “Wellness Lifestyle” did not exist in this man’s vocabulary. He is originally from Wisconsin where, to quote him, “the three basic food groups are Beer, Brats and Cheese.” Exercise, to him, meant driving a pickup truck from an ice-fishing shack over a frozen lake to a local tavern to get burgers and fries to bring back for lunch.

Naturally, I lost no time in “selling” my ideas to him. I tried to show him that wellness is much more than simply the absence of sickness. Wellness is a preventive way of living that helps us to develop ourselves to the best condition possible - physically, mentally and emotionally. A Wellness Lifestyle reduces, sometimes even eliminates, the need for remedies or traditional medical treatments. I emphasized to him that we all must take personal responsibility for making the lifestyle choices and self-care decisions that will improve the quality and length of our life.

We all need to understand how vital it is to prevent illnesses rather than waiting to be rescued by miracle cures or new high-tech medical techniques. Since most chronic diseases are incurable, is prevention not of primary importance?

The end of the story (but really the beginning) is now my husband and I both realize how vitally important it is to live a positive, day-to-day wellness lifestyle to live healthier and longer. This practical philosophy is based on scientific and practical medicine, reliable home remedies and knowledge of the latest health and medical research.

We are so enthusiastic about the positive effects of prevention and living a Wellness Lifestyle that we have created a wellness web site portal – AmericanHealthandHealing.com.

Our web site will collect and organize “best practice” health research and wellness information and present it to you in an integrated format so that you will have, what we have, the information tools necessary for developing a wellness lifestyle.

We hope that our efforts will also help you to live a longer, healthier life and to manage your own safety and wellness.

Barbara Parker

January, 2003

A Message from Michael - "Development of the Portal 1"

We are confident that we have developed a solid framework for integrating subjects that are often compartmentalized and dealt with in isolation from each other.

We believe that a major accomplishment, to date, is that we have developed a framework for connecting discussions about health and wellness with discussions about health and safety risk factors. Topics, such as occupational health and safety, have often been viewed as self-contained information fields that are the domain of particular occupational trades or industries. We see it differently. We see a continuum of risk that begins in the home, expands to the workplace and finally grows to include our global environment.

Equally important, in our view, is that we don't only look at "brown" health and safety risks, we also look at the best "green" practices that show how individuals and groups have not only overcome risks and hazards, but have also developed pro-active wellness lifestyles. These new lifestyles seek to create alternative visions of how we can attain a high standard of living and a healthy life without polluting our planet, needlessly depleting natural resources, or trampling on the social and economic rights of our fellow citizens.

Our web site also devotes a large amount of space to U.S. Government, its executive agencies, the Congress and the judicial system. Contrary to the claims of some groups who say that all of the "bloated federal bureaucracies" should be pared to the bone because they "waste taxpayer dollars" or infringe too much on our individual liberties, we believe that many of these federal organizations are doing outstanding work to protect our health and safety and create a healthier world. We will highlight the positive efforts of these government agencies, such as the Healthy People 2010 campaign. Where we see problems though, we won't hesitate to expose them.

We should also make it clear to all visitors that 99% of the content on the web site is written from the perspective of people living in the United Sates and writing about this country. This national narrowness of perspective is due to a shortage of time and resources. As we develop the site, we will strive to bring in more multi-national and multi-cultural perspectives.

As you will see as you explore our web site, at this stage of development, it probably looks like a big piece of swiss cheese with some solid parts here and there but with a lot of empty space in between the filled-in parts. Some subject area may have only one entry when there could be hundreds of entries. Please remember that this is our starting point and, with the proper resources and time, we will fill in every subject area and make each section an outstanding resource.

Michael Roach

May, 2005

A Message from Michael - "Development of the Portal 2"

Our goals for the first year of operation included:

  • Building Up the Content for Every Subject Area
  • Annotating Every Web Link
  • Writing Introductions and Guides to Each Section
  • Expanding the Titles in the Bookstore
  • Annotating Every Book Title
  • Making the Bookstore Operational for Online Ordering
  • Developing Relationships with Many Cooperating Wellness Organizations
  • Responding to Feedback from Visitors
  • Developing an Interactive Communications Capacity
  • Reprinting More Chapters from Books
  • Reprinting the Full Text of Key Articles from Major Authors

We have not met many of these goals even though we have made huge progress in other areas. We added many sections on sustainability and green investing. We still have no annotations. Stocking the bookstore and building an interactive community have waited in neutral while we worked on other tasks unrelated to the portal.

One area that we have made huge progress is in building realtionships with many publications, organizations, companies and government agencies. Visitors will see the results of these efforts shortly.

We have spent considerable time investigating how to add streaming video to the portal. Within a few weeks, we will start posting interviews that we have produced. About forty interviews will be ready when we launch the new video section. Our goal over the next years is to add hundreds of videos. Please stay tuned for progress.



If you have suggestions for new links that we should add to the site, please contact our Content Manager. If you have suggestions for new books that we should add to the site, please contact our Bookstore Manager.

If your organization would like to be on our web site, please contact our Webmaster. If you or your company would like to sponsor a wellness organization on our site, also please contact the Advertising Manager.

Michael Roach

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