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Laurie David, environmentalist and producer, dicusses the dangers of global warming and what we can do to stop it.
Teresa Heinz Kerry talks about climate change and her involvement in promoting green building in Pittsburgh.
Teresa Heinz Kerry discusses how she became involved in environmental issues and global warming .
Susan Joy Hassol, a climate analyst, present a simple science lesson on the basics of global warming. Part 1
Teresa Heinz Kerry talks about why she believes that the U.S. and the world need to take strong action on climate change.
Mayor Helen Klanderund tells how the city of Aspen implemented the "Canary Initiative" to combat global warming locally.
Susan Joy Hassol gives the "elevator pitch" on the fundamental scientific evidence on global warming and its consequences.
Kathleen Rogers of the Earth Day Network talks about how the concept of environmentalism has broadened over recent years.
Susan Joy Hassol, a climate analyst, present a simple science lesson on the basics of global warming. Part 2
Wendy Gordon of The Green Guide shows how she reduced her personal carbon footprint through simple and practical ways.
Teresa Heinz Kerry discusses the environment, green buildings and renewable energy and the threats from global warming.
Teresa Heinz Kerry talks about the challenges that women face in confronting global warming and the environment.
Daniel Hinerfeld of the NRDC talks about the organization's history and mission to improve our environment.
Michele Wyman of ICLEI explains what local governments can do to implement measures to combat climate change.
Melissa Lin Perrella of the NRDC discusses air quality issues related to the operations of seaports in southern California.
Evelyne Michaut of the NRDC explains how the organization incorporated advanced green building concepts into their California office.
Anjali Jaiswal of the NRDC talks about the water pollution problems in southern California and the response of cities and building industry.
Steve Berry, Marketing Director of Mountain Green, discusses the new technology behind sustainable cleaning products.
Ron Jones, Green Builder, takes people on a tour of the "Not So Big" House and discusses green building design and construction.
Dr. Wen & Dr. Johnston discuss the convergence of Chinese herbal medicine and Western veterinary care.
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Welcome to the LOHAS Channel!

LOHAS stands for "Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability" (please see "The Meaning of LOHAS" for a definition). Our goal is to provide visitors with a centralized resource for helping people to live a healthier life and to build a more sustainable and just world.

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As you will see, our current web site, AmericanHealthandHealing.com, is currently undergoing a major renovation. We have a new name - LOHASchannel.com. We are also working on a design facelift, re-organization of topics and the addition of new sections, especially video. It is a work in progress that moves ahead as fast as our budget and energy allow.

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About Us: Founders' health & wellness outlook
Our original inspiration for the site was to organize thousands of web links to the leading organizations in the health and wellness areas. We wanted to offer visitors more convenient access to subjects that were often hard to find and unconnected with each other.

Over the last two years, we expanded our scope to integrate the world of sustainability with that of wellness. In the meantime, the technology for delivering video over the web has improved significantly, especially with the spread of high-quality Flash video.

Lo, the Telephone Directory! Take into consideration just how its reputation has actually lowered!

Our goal for the next year is to add hundreds (or thousands) of short (2-5 minute) streaming videos on many different LOHAS topics and events. Within a few months, we will also open a video blog that allows visitors to participate in a forum for commenting on new videos as they are posted.

Please be patient with us as we slowly morph AmericanHealthandHealing.com into the LOHASchannel.com.

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